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Notícias Patris


Patris Daily - 14 August 2018

14 Aug 2018

GLOBAL MARKETS OVERVIEW: Europe: European major stock indices slipped on Monday. Stoxx 600 finished 0.25% lower, with its six sectors closing positive. Technology (+0.63%) and Personal & Housing Goods (+0.22%) outperformed, while Banks (-1.18%) continued as the most pressured. Eurozone sovereign...

Patris Daily - 13 August 2018

13 Aug 2018

GLOBAL MARKETS OVERVIEW: Europe: European stocks closed sharply lower on Friday, amid rising concerns on financial stability of Turkey and the contagion risk. Stoxx600 lost 1.07%, with all its sectors closing negative. The index was dragged down mainly by Basic...

Patris Daily - 10 August 2018

10 Aug 2018

GLOBAL MARKETS OVERVIEW: Europe: with exception of UK (-0.45%) and Italy (-0.72%), the major European stock indices registered slight gains on the session. Stoxx 600 finished 0.09% higher, with its 13 sectors closing positive. Retail (+1.26%) and Travel & Leisure...

PATRIS - Weekly Technical Outlook - 9 August 2018

10 Aug 2018

S&P500: S&P500 is less than 1% below its January high (2873). Short and medium-term momentum indicators have not yet reached an overbought extreme, increasing the probability of S&P500 reaching new historical high. EuroStoxx 50: Daily technical indicators deteriorated, hence we expect...

Patris Daily - 9 August 2018

9 Aug 2018

GLOBAL MARKETS OVERVIEW: Europe: the session was negative for the major European stock indices, with exception of Portugal (+0.09%) and UK (+0.75%) that closed positive. Stoxx600 finished 0.20% lower, with its seven sectors registering gains. Auto & Parts (+0.62%) and...

Patris Daily - 8 August 2018

8 Aug 2018

GLOBAL MARKETS OVERVIEW: Europe: major European stock indices gained on the session, with Italy outperforming (+1.27%). Stoxx600 closed 0.47% higher, driven by Basic Resources (+1.82%) and Oil & Gas (+1.53%) strong performance. Technology (-0.36%), Retail (-0.28%), Real Estate (-0.27%) and...